Date of Birth: 1897
Place of Birth: St. John’s, Nfld.
Inducted: 1994 (Builder Category)

Monsignor George Bartlett’s name is synonymous with Bell Island. His labor among the people of Bell Island was truly community spirit at work. He was an extraordinarily affable person and a gifted organizer. His sincerity and enthusiasm, but above all his faith in Bell Island and its people, won him their support. It was his drive and determination that provided the leadership that resulted in Bell Island producing an impressive number of hockey stars.

In the depressing 1930s, Monsignor Bartlett proved to be the motivating force in providing spiritual, moral and material encouragement. He found an outlet for the exuberant energies of the young by building an ice rink. His most significant contribution to the sport of hockey was his zeal in promoting inter-town competition and thus improving the standard of hockey. Monsignor Bartlett consistently invited teams from other communities to play hockey on Bell Island.

There has been no more popular figure in the realm of local sport than Monsignor Bartlett. He was revered by everyone irrespective of class or creed. To those of an earlier generation, the mention of his name brings a flood of emotions, all nostalgically pleasant and all very happy ones. Not unnaturally, his memory evokes its most meaningful response in the hearts and minds of all Bell Islanders.

Monsignor Bartlett was inducted into the Newfoundland and Labrador Sports Hall of Fame in 1976.