Date of Birth: 1959
Place of Birth: Buchan’s, NL
Inducted: 2015 (Builder Category)

Jim Hornell Jr. has a lifetime of very impressive contributions to hockey from the local to the international level, and especially for Canada. The Buchan’s native was introduced to ice hockey in his hometown and thanks to a devotion to the sport, which his father Jim Hornell Senior played extremely well, moved confidently through the ranks until in 2013 he was elected Chairman of the Board for Hockey Canada. His election certainly demonstrates the respect that he generated throughout his hockey life.

His overall contribution in the building aspect of hockey within Canada is almost unbelievable as he played major roles in all areas of the sport, especially coaching.

At the international level he has represented Canada at many, many extremely important meetings and conferences including the Socci Winter Olympics where Canada won men’s and women’s hockey gold medals, and he is responsible for the launching of Hockey Canada’s 100th Anniversary Celebrations and the Cross Canada Century Tour.

He played a major role in the implementation of the new governance structures required for sports federations by Canadian federal legislation respecting the not-for-profit sectors. In this role his detailed expertise was extremely important.

Three years as Chairman of Hockey Canada’s Hockey Development Council is typical of the many vital roles he has fulfilled since he was first elected an Officer of Hockey Canada in 2003. They included Hockey Canada’s leader for tournaments in Hungary and Belarus and the World Women’s Championship in Sweden. All the roles that he has been asked to fulfill for Hockey Canada were extremely successful and again high-lights the great respect he has generated within the nation, and also demonstrates the confidence that he has achieved.

While his hockey began in Buchan’s where he played all divisions of minor hockey and through high school and inter-residential university operations, he stood out on the many teams for which he performed. His devotion to improving play through coaching resulted in him serving as Assistant Coach for Grand Falls Bantam All-Stars in 1975 and continued in 1976 up to 1984. It was in this role that he attended the CAHA’s Instructor Training in Kitchener, Ontario. His willing attitude allowed him to continue in the improvement and coaching clinics and the work he provided earned him the Provincial Joe Byrne Hockey Development Award.

Joining his father in the Hockey Hall of Fame, he has been a wonderful ambassador for Newfoundland hockey across Canada and into world activities. The respect that he has earned will allow him to continue in a variety of important and productive positions for hockey well into the future.