Date of Birth: 1921
Place of Birth: Bishop’s Falls, Nfld.
Inducted: 2000 (Builder Category)

From local Corner Brook senior hockey to junior hockey to a long time minor hockey volunteer, Bishop’s Falls native Ambrose O’Reilly was a big-time contributor to the sport from 1953 to 1979.

Working within Corner Brook hockey and at the provincial level, he was a major factor in the expansion and improvement of all levels of hockey, especially minor hockey. His Corner Brook minor hockey involvement started as a committee member in 1964 to filling the demanding and important role of treasurer beginning in 1968. From 1968 to 1975, Ambrose O’Reilly found the time to work long and hard for junior hockey in Corner Brook and Western Newfoundland.

He organized many provincial minor championships in Corner Brook, and worked hard and well within the Newfoundland Amateur Hockey Association. He served as NAHA junior hockey chair, NAHA minor hockey chairman at large, and as public relations officer. He received the NAHA junior hockey annual merit award in 1988-89, and the 1972 NAHA Award for outstanding service to minor hockey.

After his election to the Corner Brook East Sports Association executive and his work for the Humber Hawks’ hockey club, Ambrose O’Reilly was elected to the Corner Brook Senior Hockey Association executive, was voted Corner Brook’s 1972 Citizen of the Year, made an honorary member of Corner Brook minor hockey in 1985, and was Corner Brook Sports Executive of the Year for 1979.

For 30 years, hockey, especially Corner Brook hockey, has benefited greatly from the work, expertise and overall contributions of Ambrose O’Reilly.